Welcome to The Maple Syrup!

The Maple Syrup (TMS) offers commentary on Earthly existence.

We at TMS believe that:

Earthly existence is intersectional.

Earthly existence is internally intersectional (within planetary atmosphere) and externally intersectional (within Universe).

Each of us is a Self.

Self is the only author of Self; Self is the only authority of Self.

Community is many Selves with shared authorship.

Human Beings share the Earth with other sentient / rational / aware Beings.

Earthly Beings share the Universe with other sentient / rational / aware Beings.

Rights are inherent, and may not be rescinded.

A Self has the Right to author its existence.

In order to maintain its Right to Authorship, a Self must maintain the Right of other Beings to author their Selves.

Community exists at the intersection of multiple Selves.

All Selves are culpable and participatory in the creation of symbolic meaning, modes of interpretation, and methods of interaction.

Art in all its forms is a medium of subversion with the potential to transgress, transform and transcend hegemonic structures of communication.